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Monday, May 18, 2020

Absent Healing and Reiki Reiju

Absent Healing

Hello and Well Come!

Absent Healing, often referred to as Distance Healing in vibrational energy practices is a method of sending healing energy over a distance for the purpose of spiritual healing, and healing of the outer and emotional bodies, so physical healing can more easily happen. Distance work understands that there is no energetic separation between anything in our known existence. We truly are all connected (Quantum Physics says down to the planc – the farthest connections they can see). Absent Healing/Distance Healing is also used to facilitate stress reduction and relaxation to support healing and wellness.

I begin this and all my work by opening to the collective Chi field.   Having done so, I focus my intention on being open to the flow of healing energies. It is my understanding that healing happens on many levels and that wellness energies will be received as they are allowed and needed. You do not have to have any specific belief to receive these prayerful energies. I offer this Reiki Reiju intending it to be a source of loving wellness energies for those who are Practitioners in every wellness field and school, and to All  who seek healing. May my energy intention support healing into the multiverse.

Every person experiencing any type of vibrational energy work, in person or at a distance, be it Reiki, Prayer, Reconnective Energies, Spiritual Healing, etc., will have a different experience. For some, it will be profoundly intense; and for others, something so subtle they will wonder if anything happened. Whatever wellness happens will be unique to each individual, and will sort through your mind, body, spirit over twenty-one days, supporting what most needs to be supported. 

Chi (energy, love) will go where it is most needed to support the wellness of your mind, body, spirit. Be gentle with yourself and with others as healing often means releasing toxic sludge. Let it go.

For those not directly acquainted with my energy work, it is an intuitive blending of Reiki, Ho’oponopono, Munay-Ki, Reconnectiive Healing, Deep Listening, Earthwork, and a few other energy wellness practices I have explored, and continue to explore, through more than forty years of study and practice. I am a facilitator, a conduit; and my job is to open and allow energy to flow through. Every person can be a positive conduit of energy. 

Your job is to be open, allow, and receive what you may from the flow of healing rays. Dr. L. Dossey (prayer studies) has found that it is best not to be specific when sharing wellness energies or when seeking and allowing them.


Reiju means "Energy Blessing" in Japanese. It is a traditional Japanese Reiki ritual to invite in self-healing and empowerment. It is my understanding that Dr. Mikao Usui (founding Teacher) offered Reiju daily, allowing it to build up within each person.

Most experiencing Reiki in any form say that they experience a connection to a deep sense of calmness, relaxation and clarity of mental focus.

In the spirit of my Teachers, I offer Reiju as an expression of my own practices as a Reiki Master, Practitioner of Ho’oponopono, Reconnective Healing, and Prayerful practices. I offer this energy gift of Reiju to whomever comes here, intending this vibrational offering to be a support to your healing and wellness in whatever way that the energy may come to you.

May this Chi gift be a blessing and enrichment to support mental, physical and emotional clarity.   May we all be as well as possible!

I offer distant Reiju and prayers of healing love into our world.

May we all be awake and open to vibrational uplift.

I invoke in love: Great Spirit, Goddess, God, Buddha, Christ, Allah, Holy Spirit, Divine Spirit, Jehovah, Love, Joy, Stars, Sun, Moon, Higher Power, Guides, Angels, Sacred Words. All One!

The sky and world image above is the focus for my prayerful intention.  May this energy gift be a loving support along your path.  May you share your positive energy into your life.

Come here as often as you like.

What To Do?

Choose to receive Reiki Healing Energy, release expectations, and open to what healing may happen.

1. Focus on the image. Pause a moment and take three or more calming breaths, then when ready, open to the prayerful intention of my vibrational energy gift. The picture holds my intention to connect to the vibrational field and share Reiki energies with you.

2. Take another three slow breaths, know that momentarily you are letting go of any distractions that may stand in the way of your being present in this moment. Focus on the image and think to yourself, “I open and allow myself to receive all healing energies possible. I get out of my own way. May I be a positive reflection of loving energies I connect with. Thank you”.

Stay as long as you like, and return as often as you choose.

When I speak of healing, I am referring to the release of dis-ease. Again, it may not be the healing you seek, but will be the healing your being wants. A few folks experience discomfort, or an increase in symptoms as part of the healing process, because old unwanted emotions and thought patterns rise to the surface to be released. The extent you experience this release will be unique to you.

I am sometimes available for Absent Energy appointments. I perform distance healing sessions with humans, animals, plants and places. To schedule an appointment, send me a message through @patriciaccolemanart on Instagram, and I'll do my best to respond within a week.

This information is mostly from my HART Rock Reiki page – 2002-2019 before HART Rock (hartrock.net) began assimilation into Quilter’s Comfort.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020


Hello Everyone,

I hope that when you arrive here, YOU ARE as WELL as possible and ideally staying home unless necessary.

This is challenging in our world of go-go-go!  Everyone has been offered an opportunity to stay home, reconnect and re-evalute where we are individually and collectively.  What some considered our shadow side is now clearly in the light.  People are waking up.  THANK YOU!  
This world shift of circustances is about all of us and what we create out of this devastation will be up to us.  

I hope that we choose to move toward the light.  Toward sustainablity and rejunivation.
This will not be easy.  It will require of us as I have been saying (and recently politcos) it is time for us to put on our big girl and boy pants.  

There seems to be no other option.  Yes, this is scary as all shit!  I am called upon to remember and use my grounding tools because some part of me wants to curl into a ball and cry.  That won't serve me, or anyone.  

If you have any opportunity to growsome food, do it!  If you don't know where to begin, YOUTUBE has so much DIY information that uses what many folks have on hand.  

The resources from Local Food Bloomington that taken down a few months ago, shy of 20 years(!) are being posted to the Local Food Blog at https://localfoodbloomington.blogspot.com

WE WILL BE BEYOND THIS and may we reconnect with love, appreciation, cooperation, and yes, show up wearing our big girl and boy pants!  

GUIDANCE made it clear that I am to share vibrational energy more broadly!   After so much back and forth on my part, I will begin by posting to the Wellness Arts Cafe CREATIVELY BEING.  If you are interested in knowing about my vibrational energy shares, SUBSCRIBE to the channel. 

My Wellness Arts and Reiki Teachers are posted if interested.

May we be loving, compassionate, kind, generous, and understand that